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FAQ - Project Spotlight
FAQ - Project Spotlight

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What is Project Spotlight?

Project Spotlight is a place where you can launch and showcase your side projects, collect feedback, become a project of the month, and win prizes! This is not a 1-day launch. It's a month-long process. During this period, engage with the community, get feedback, and improve your project.

Consider Peerlist spotlight as a soft launch of your project (side project). Get all the help from the community with their feedback to iterate and improve.

What are the prizes for the top 3 projects?

The winners will be featured in Peerlist’s monthly newsletter and social media channels, providing valuable exposure to the creators. Additionally, the winners will receive a special badge for their projects, showcasing their achievements and potentially attracting new opportunities.

What type of projects can be launched?

Anything which you think is your side-project as follows but not limited to:

  • Coding projects - dev tools, browser extensions, library, etc.

  • Design projects - figma community files, figma plugins, design projects (portfolio, mobile app, or landing page), etc.

  • Digital products - Ebooks, Notion templates, UI Kits, etc.

Which projects qualify for showing up on the list?

Projects which you have added to your Peerlist profile. Also, the project must adhere to the following checklist:

  • The project has all the information added—name, tagline, cover image, project tags, description, etc.

  • The project should have a valid demo link.

For the month of March, projects are curated by the Peerlist team from the existing projects; added by members to their Peerlist profiles.

For the month of April, you will be able to launch your project yourself to participate.

Who can launch side projects?

Anyone with a Peerlist profile can launch their projects on Project Spotlight.

Who can upvote and share feedback on my project?

All Peerlist community members.

How does the ranking system work?

It's based on a simple point system:

  • Upvote by non-verified user: +1 point

  • Upvote by verified user: +2 points

Can builders upvote their own projects?

Yes, they can and the points will be calculated similarly as mentioned above.

What is a launch window?

A launch window is open from 1-15th of every month when you can launch your projects.

We only have 50 launch spots available every month. After that, the launch window will be closed.

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